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Rome wasn't built in one day. So our journey to sustainable clothing and shopping doesn't need to happen overnight. Many of us think we need to bin bag everything we have and buy s a whole new wardrobe from sustainable brands. The irony here is that action itself is going to result in a lot of good, usable clothes ending up in landfills.

So my plan is to do step by step. I am throwing nothing away, making sure everything that fits me and I love wearing stays and making sure I take good care of existing items to ensure that they last the longest possible.

The next step is to make sure when I do buy clothes again to keep sustainable brands in the forefront of my mind, so I look at those places first. And that is where this list comes in. You can bookmark this page and have it give you links to the sustainable shops next time you shop.


I noticed them during the pandemic while the loungewear waste an all-time high. But if you ever need a good pair of joggers, a hoodie or a sweatshirt this is a guilt-free place to get it from.


I love Patagonia for all the sporty, outdoor clothes! They are so well made, and stylish and it is a brand that I truly respect for how much they do for the environment.

Attire the Studio

Couldn't have written this post without a shoutout to a fellow creator Xenia Adonts who is the mastermind behind the most stylish clothing brand with the utmost transparency. Their cuts are the best and perfect for statement pieces.

GirlFriend Collective

One of my all-time favourite gym wear. Their Sports bras and leggings are gorgeous and while you work out, you also feel good that you helped a brand to make a difference.


I haven't met anyone who doesn't love Reformation! It is the brand that you want to wear all year round for dresses and tops which you know bring the best out of you. I couldn't be happier when I found out how environmentally friendly Reformation makes their clothes, you are definitely on my next shopping list Reformation!


No introduction needs here. It is a huge empire and I am so glad to see the strong initiatives from such a well-established global brand, lead the way adidas!


If you walk around in London, you will notice at least a dozen pairs of Veja trainers every day and now, each time I spot them, it puts on a smile on my face. What a cool brand for shoes and amazing to see the progress they are making on all fronts.

Mara Hoffman 

One might say I am obsessed with Mara Hoffman. There was nothing I ever bought returned. The fabric, the cuts, the exquisite beauty of the dresses and all other clothing pieces are true works of art for me. The cherry on the cake is how environmentally friendly they are as a brand, so I love them twice!


If you are after some guilt-free shopping for some of the most gorgeous romantic dresses in the market with simplicity and quality, this is the place to be. But their pyjamas are the best and they are always on my Christmas and birthday wish lists!


If you are after some guilt-free shopping for some of the most gorgeous romantic dresses in the market with simplicity and quality, this is the place to be. But their pyjamas are the best and they are always on my Christmas and birthday wish lists!

Jade Swim 

Eco-Friendly swimmers are not easy to come by. So when I found jade Swim, I stuck to it. They have quite a timeless style to all of their swimwear with material that will actually last with gorgeous colours.

Another Tomorrow 

I only found this quite recently on MatchesFashion, but how stunning their dresses are! Absolutely perfect for summer and when you buy them you know you are doing the very best for yourself and the planet.


When I think of Sezane, I think of a Summer goddess, sandy beaches and bohemian chic. It is perfect for holidays but I love them for weekends roaming around the city as well.

Swedish Stockings

I have had the honour to work with Swedish Stocking so I know first-hand how lovely the team is. What is equally lovely is the stockings. I have introduced all my girlfriends to it and I still wear my first pair as it is still in tip-top condition. I am so proud of them for having such strong ethics and a passion for fashion and the environment.

TAMGA Designs

This is a newfound love for me but I am swooning over the colourful prints, the perfect summer dresses and the wallet-friendly price tags. I could wear their dresses every day of the Summer!

Mother of Pearl

When I think of Mother of Pearl, I think of, Chic, Effortless, highest of quality materials, and a little bit of minimalism and elegance that only comes when you wear a dress that moves with you so gracefully.

Stella McCartney

Last but not least is the lady who did the impossible. Luxury market and sustainability were not written in the same sentence before Stella McCartney CBE started her brand and stuck to her vision. I think many generations to come will always be grateful for the foundation she created in the luxury fashion world and so nice to now see that her vision is now shared with many other brands.

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