Pat McGrath Labs Eyeshadow Palette Review - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 15

 Pat McGrath Labs Eyeshadow Palette Review - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 15

Testing Beauty! The beauty series that puts all the makeup and skincare products to the test! In Episode 15, we are testing the Pat McGrath Labs Eyeshadow Palettes. It is at the very top of the price range and considered the very epitome of luxury makeup, so is it worth the high price tag? Is it truly all that luxurious?

I am using the Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction Palette and palettes are linked down below to shop.

Product:  Pat McGrath Labs Eyeshadow Palette in Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction

Price: £118

Texture: This palette has two different textures of eye shadows. One is a velvet-matte finish with no shine but a lot of depth to the colour and the other is a shimmer texture yet with a lot of pigmentation. They are easy to apply either using your fingers or a brush.

Pro Tip: Brushes for matte colours and fingers for shimmery colours.

Colour Range: There are 10 colours, but this is where I think Pat Mc Grath is an absolute genius because, with these 10 colours, you can create so many looks. Unlike a traditional eyeshadow palette, the colours are not too similar to each other yet, so complimenting each when mixed into a look. One of the colours is red and blue, shimmering at the same time depending on how the lights hit you, making it one of the most stunning eyeshadow colours I have ever seen.

Longevity: I applied with a primer underneath and they lasted the day and night and did not at all crease.

Value for Money: This is a luxury eyeshadow palette. You can see the quality from the outer packaging (it looks like a clutch) to the selection of carefully thought-through colours, the amazing quality of the actual products and even more importantly the uncommon shades that you will not see many other people wear. To me, that is unique, that makes a product interesting and worth the money.

Final Score:  This beats no one so 10/10!

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