5 Makeup trends to watch for in 2024

Sachini Dilanka discussing makeup trends for 2024

Ballerina Core Makeup Trend

The Ballerina Core makeup trend is a breath of fresh air, imbued with elegance and grace. This look hinges on a soft, ethereal aesthetic that captures the essence of ballet.

The key elements of this trend are:

Radiant skin: A flawless, dewy complexion is at the heart of this look.

Soft eye makeup: Neutral shades, delicate shimmer and naturally defined lashes.

Subtle blush: A light dusting of blush on the apples of the cheeks for a rosy glow.

Nude or soft pink lips: Lip tints or balms in shades close to your natural lip color.

To create this look, products from brands like Kosas and Gucci Beauty come highly recommended.

A simple step-by-step guide:

Begin with a hydrating primer to ensure a radiant base. Try the Kosas Tinted Face Oil for a dewy yet non-greasy finish.

For eyes, use Gucci Beauty's Eyeshadow Palette in 'Poudre De Beauté'. The palette offers neutral shades, perfect for creating a soft, ballet-inspired look.

Use Kosas's Color & Light: Crème Cream Blush & Highlighter Duo for a natural-looking flush and an ethereal highlight.

Finish the look with Gucci's Rouge à Lèvres Voile in 'Penny Beige'. Its sheer formula delivers a subtle hint of color perfect for this understated look.

So, let's twirl into 2024 with the grace and charm of a ballerina!

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High Shine and Chrome-like Finishes Trend

The high shine makeup trend is sweeping the beauty scene, taking luminosity to the next level with chrome-like finishes. This trend is all about creating a sleek, mirror-like effect that looks almost futuristic. Reflective surfaces aren't just for your tech gadgets anymore; they're making their mark in makeup too.

Prada Beauty

Prada Beauty stands out with its innovative formulas designed to give your skin and features a polished glow. Think high-impact highlighters and metallic eyeshadows.

Valentino Beauty

Valentino Beauty also offers products that cater to this trend, ensuring that wherever the light hits, your face is turning heads with its radiant shine.

Mastering this look means embracing bold textures and high-gloss finishes that catch the light just right. Whether it’s a swipe of shimmering lip gloss or eyelids coated in a metallic sheen, these trends are sure to make a statement.

Glitter Makeup Trend

The glitter makeup trend is becoming increasingly popular in 2024, bringing a touch of glamour to everyday beauty routines. This year, the trend focuses on adaptability and shine, offering various ways to incorporate glitter into your makeup look:

Daytime Dazzle: Enhance your daytime appearance by lightly applying glitter to your eyelids or cheekbones for a subtle shimmer.

Evening Glamour: Make a statement during your night out by incorporating bold glitter elements like a glitter-infused eyeliner or attention-grabbing glitter lips.

Festival Vibes: Get into the spirit of festival season by using body glitter all over or creating artistic designs with chunky glitters specifically made for cosmetic use.

NARS provides a range of high-quality products that can help you achieve the perfect sparkle. Their collection includes shimmering eyeshadows and dazzling lip glosses that are ideal for creating sophisticated looks that catch the light beautifully. Whether you're attending a fancy event or simply going about your day, adding some glitter to your makeup routine brings an element of fun and excitement that's hard to resist.

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Cool Pink Undertones and Sheen Trend

The cool pink undertones makeup trend paired with a sheen makeup trend is like a breath of fresh air for your beauty routine, infusing your look with an effortless glow. To master this style, consider the following tips and product recommendations:

Tips to Achieve the Cool Pink Undertones and Sheen Look

Choose the Right Shade

Select a foundation or BB cream that complements your skin tone with hints of cool pink to brighten the complexion.

Highlight with Sheen

Apply a liquid or cream highlighter on the high points of your face for a natural radiance. Dab onto cheekbones, brow bones, and the Cupid's bow.

Lip Products

Swipe on a sheer, cool-toned pink lip gloss or balm to pull the look together while keeping it subtle and soft.

Product Recommendations

For products that will help you achieve this look with ease, consider the following:

Fenty Beauty's Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush in cool pink shades offers a buildable flush of color with a dewy finish.

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter imparts a sophisticated glow that complements the cool pink tones beautifully.

For lips, Dior Lip Glow in shades of cool pink can enhance your natural lip color while providing hydration and shine.

Let this trend inspire you to embrace your inner glow-up with poised confidence.

Renaissance Girl Makeup Trend

The Renaissance Girl Makeup Trend is an homage to the artistry and sophistication of classical times. The trend encourages a return to rich color palettes, defined features, and intricate details that mirror the grandeur of the Renaissance period.

To capture this trend, follow these steps:

How to Achieve the Renaissance Girl Makeup Look

Focus on your eyes: Achieve a sense of depth by layering multiple eyeshadow shades. Opt for earthy tones like rich browns, golds, and deep greens inspired by Renaissance paintings.

Enhance your cheekbones: Use blushes in warm hues to accentuate your face's natural structure, mirroring the elegant portraits of the era.

Bold lips: Go for deep reds or burgundy shades to make a statement. Combine this with a slightly blurred lip line for a softened look reminiscent of the beautifully painted lips seen in classical art.

Embrace this trend, channel your inner Botticelli beauty, and celebrate the timelessness of Renaissance-inspired elegance.

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