Makeup trends spotted at Paris Couture Week 2024

Makeup trends spotted at Paris Couture Week 2024

Every year, the world of beauty eagerly awaits the spectacle of Paris Couture Week. This prestigious event is not just a showcase of exquisite fashion; it's also where new makeup trends are born and flourish. As designers reveal their latest collections, makeup artists paint a parallel story on models' faces, setting the tone for the industry's upcoming beauty trends.

This year was no exception. Paris Couture Week 2024 gifted us with fresh takes on classic looks and daring new experiments that left an indelible mark on the beauty scene. The makeup trends that stole the show included:

  1. Dramatic, over-the-top eye looks
  2. Effortless cool girl waves
  3. Lustrous high-shine hair
  4. Timeless bold red lips
  5. Harmonious monochromatic makeup

Each of these trends is a testament to the transformative power of makeup — how it can enhance, express, and even challenge our notions of beauty. These are the looks set to dominate our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards in the coming months. So let's dive in!

IMG Credit: Harper's Bazzar

Over-the-Top Eye Looks

Paris Couture Week 2024 unveiled an avant-garde world where over-the-top eye looks became the centerpiece of beauty innovation. These eye-catching displays of artistry gave way to a myriad of styles, pushing the boundaries of conventional makeup.

Key Elements of Over-the-Top Eye Looks

Here are some key elements that defined the over-the-top eye looks showcased during Paris Couture Week:

1. Exaggerated lashes

Models graced the runways sporting lashes that defied gravity in length and volume, creating a dramatic flutter with every blink.

2. Bold colors

Neon hues, deep metallics, and saturated pastels painted across eyelids showcased a fearless use of the color spectrum.

3. Unique textures

Reflective glitters, glossy finishes, and dimensional appliqués added depth and intrigue to each look.

Backstage with the industry's elite makeup artists revealed secrets behind these captivating creations. Strategic layering of false lashes achieved an architectural effect, while innovative products like liquid eyeshadows in chrome finishes allowed for precise application of vivid colors.

For those eager to incorporate this trend into their own repertoire, here is a step-by-step tutorial for an inspired over-the-top eye look:

Step-by-Step Tutorial for an Inspired Over-the-Top Eye Look

  1. Begin with a primer to ensure lasting wear.
  2. Select a bold shadow palette; apply the base color across the lid.
  3. Layer on glitter or metallic shades for added texture.
  4. Apply exaggerated false lashes or multiple coats of a volumizing mascara.
  5. Finish with a liquid liner for sharp definition.

These high-impact eyes serve not only as conversation starters but also as inspiration for personal expression through makeup artistry.

IMG Credit - The New York Times

IMG Credit: British Vouge

2. Cool Girl Waves

Cool girl waves have become synonymous with a nonchalant elegance that perfectly complements the high-octane glamour of couture ensembles. These loose waves exude an air of understated chic, merging the line between deliberate styling and the enviable 'just out of bed' look. Embracing natural texture, this hairstyle is as much about attitude as it is about the aesthetic.

How to Achieve Cool Girl Waves

Achieving this seemingly effortless style involves a blend of art and technique:

  1. Sea Salt Sprays: Spritzing hair with a quality sea salt spray can infuse your locks with that quintessential beachy texture. Scrunching your hair as it dries will encourage natural wave patterns to form.
  2. Curling Wands: For more defined waves, curling wands are indispensable. Wrapping large sections of hair around the barrel and releasing after a few seconds creates soft bends rather than tight curls.
  3. Texturizing Products: To add volume and enhance the tousled effect, texturizing products are key. They provide grip and a matte finish that makes each wave stand out.

Icons like Brigitte Bardot and modern muses such as Zendaya have showcased cool girl waves, making them a perennial favorite both on and off the runway.

Tips for Maintaining Cool Girl Waves

To keep your waves looking their best:

  1. Avoid overwashing: This can strip your hair of natural oils that contribute to the texture.
  2. Use protective treatments: Heat protectants before styling and nourishing masks regularly help maintain hair health.
  3. Embrace imperfections: Imperfect waves are at the heart of this style—resist the urge to over-style.

Transitioning seamlessly from runway revelations to striking yet accessible hairstyles, next, we delve into achieving lustrous high-shine hair for those who prefer sleek sophistication.

How to Get High-Shine Hair

High-shine hair is a popular trend during Paris Couture Week, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. If you want to achieve this glossy look, here are some tips:

Getting the Perfect Shine

  1. Choose the Right Products: Look for shine serums and glossing sprays that can give your hair a radiant finish.
  2. Use Heat Styling Tools: Invest in flat irons with ceramic or tourmaline plates, as they can not only straighten your hair but also make it shinier.
  3. Take Care of Your Hair: Regular deep conditioning treatments can help nourish your hair and keep it moisturized, which is essential for achieving that enviable shine.

Take Inspiration from Celebrities

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are known for their glossy locks. You can draw inspiration from their red carpet looks and recreate them at home.

Common Hair Problems and Solutions

Here are some common hair problems that may prevent you from getting that high-shine look, along with possible solutions:

  • Frizzy Hair: Use anti-humidity hairsprays or smoothing shampoos to control frizz.
  • Dull Hair: Try using vitamin-infused oils to revive dull-looking hair and add some vibrancy back into it.

Remember, by using the right techniques and high-quality products, you can achieve high-shine hair that rivals what you see on the runway.

IMG Credit: Style Craze

IMG Credit: Marie Claire

Achieve Stunning Red Lips

Bold red lips have been a symbol of timeless beauty, captivating people and giving wearers a sense of power since the glamorous era of Hollywood. These vibrant colors have a long-standing reputation for their elegance, with each shade representing its own narrative when worn by fashion icons.

How to Find Your Perfect Red Shade

Here are some tips to help you find the right red lipstick for your skin tone:

  1. Identify Your Skin's Undertone: Determine whether you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones. This will guide you in choosing the right red shade.
  2. Cool Undertones: If you have cool undertones, look for blue-based reds that complement your complexion beautifully.
  3. Warm Undertones: For those with warm undertones, opt for orange-infused reds that will enhance your natural glow.
  4. Neutral Undertones: If you have neutral undertones, lucky you! You can experiment with a wide range of reds, from true reds to deeper burgundy shades.

Remember to try out different lighting conditions when testing lip colors to ensure it looks flattering on you in any setting.

Trendy Red Lip Looks from Paris Couture Week 2024

Paris Couture Week is known for showcasing avant-garde fashion and beauty trends. Here are three exciting variations of red lips spotted on the runway:

  1. Velvety Matte: This finish never goes out of style. It's sophisticated, elegant, and demands attention wherever you go.
  2. Glossy Ombre: A playful twist on the classic red lip, this look involves blending deep red shades into lighter tones for added dimension and plumpness.
  3. Stained Effect: If you prefer a more subtle approach, try the stained effect by dabbing color onto the center of your lips, creating a "just-bitten" appearance.

Tips for Applying Red Lipstick Like a Pro

To achieve a flawless red pout, follow these expert application techniques:

  1. Prep Your Lips: Start with smooth and moisturized lips by exfoliating any dry skin and applying a hydrating lip balm.
  2. Define the Outline: Use a lip pencil that matches your lipstick shade or is slightly darker to outline your lips and prevent feathering.
  3. Choose Your Application Method: Depending on the desired effect, you can either use a lip brush for precise application or directly apply from the bullet for intense color payoff.
  4. Long-Lasting Power: To ensure your lipstick lasts longer, blot your lips with tissue paper after the first layer, then reapply another coat on top.

By exploring these different variations and mastering the art of applying red lipstick, you can transform it into more than just makeup—it becomes a tribute to the rich history of beauty and a personal declaration of confidence.

Monochromatic Makeup

The allure of monochromatic makeup lies in its elegant simplicity, an aesthetic that channels uniformity and harmony through cohesive shades across the eyes, cheeks, and lips. At Paris Couture Week 2024, the fresh complexion became a canvas for soft shades of pink, creating a subtle yet striking effect that radiated a youthful glow.

Eye-Catching Cohesion

The eyes often serve as the focal point in monochromatic looks. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Select a soft pink eyeshadow.
  2. Sweep it lightly over the lids.
  3. Blend the same hue into the crease for a gentle contouring effect.

Cheeky Charm

For cheeks, create a natural flush with these tips:

  1. Choose a cream blush in a similar pink shade.
  2. Apply to the apples of the cheeks.
  3. Blend upwards towards the temples for dimension and warmth.

Lips That Sync

Complete the look with coordinated lips:

  1. Use a lipstick or tinted balm in soft pink.
  2. Match undertones across all products for a seamless transition from one feature to another.

Celebrity red carpets and Instagram feeds brim with variations of this trend, extending its reach beyond haute couture into everyday beauty regimens.

To perfect your monochromatic makeup:

  1. Select multi-purpose palettes designed for use on eyes, cheeks, and lips; these ensure your colors are perfectly coordinated.
  2. Opt for cream formulas that offer blendability and buildable coverage; these are user-friendly and help create a unified look with minimal effort.
  3. Remember that harmony is paramount; choose products within the same color family but vary the intensity to add depth and dimension.

By embracing monochromatic makeup's modern minimalism, you can craft an effortlessly chic look that transitions flawlessly from daytime allure to evening elegance.

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