How to stay Fashionable in the cold winter months, January and February

Sachini wearing Chanel Boots, Prada puffer coat and saint and sofia knit

Once the party dress season is over and the weather starts to plummet, we all feel a little confused every morning about how to make an outfit very warm and stylish at the same time.

Over the years, I have experimented with so many styling techniques and here is what I have found working like a charm for the early colder months of the year.

Do not compromise on being warm

I have to start with this because, like many of us, I have made this mistake. It is not worth your short-term and long-term health, so whatever we do, we make sure that you are nice and toasty. And no matter what you wear, if you are shivering inside, it affects your posture and confidence.

Invest in the right underlayer, thick technology, not a designer

As much as this community and I love everything designer, it is not the way to go forward when you get your base layers. They need to be practical, long-wearing and easy to clean. So look at the technology behind these items. I often get mine from Uniqlo or Marks and Spencer as they are fairly priced, do the job they are supposed to do and have no fuss washing.

Also, remember that the underlayer is not just for the top part but also for your legs as well. It is very easy to say when we are young that our legs aren't very cold, but for your future bone health, you need to make sure your knees, ankles and legs have a protective later for the winter.

The Most Stylish Layer

Investing in a good coat is not a secret; we all have heard it at some point. It is the layer that I would personally invest in a well-made, structured coat. If you want to see The Coat of the Season post. Even if you are wearing jogging bottoms and a sweater underneath, put on a structured coat with powerful shoulders, and it instantly makes everything chic.

Winter Accessories Do matter

I often see many of us getting the best bags and shoes for Summer when the bright outfits somewhat overlook accessories in a warmer season. Whereas in the winter, accessories are one of the few ways you can show your personality through style. So if I had to choose between investing in a summer bag vs a winter bag (especially in the UK), I would always invest in a good bag for the winter.

Stick to a Minimal Colour Scheme

This is an easy way to make sure that you always look put-together. Unless, of course, you love spending hours planning outfits, buying your winter items in a minimal colour palette means that pretty much anything goes with anything else. It saves you time and gives you many different variations to mix and match while having an organised capsule wardrobe.

My January / February Capsule wardrobe/ Wish list is now live here!

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