Hermes Kelly vs. Birkin - An In-depth Comparison

Sachini wearing Hermes Birkin 40

Hermes is one of the most iconic French brands that is ever known all across history. The two classic Hermes bags the Kelly and The Birkin are some of the most known timeless beauties. Their silhouettes have become symbols of elegance both with their own history. In a testament to the true versatility and timelessness of the Birkin and Kelly bags, these designs have been a celebrity staple for decades.

The Birkin bag was specifically designed for actress Jane Birkin after an encounter she had with Hermes on a place where she expressed they should make a larger bag with pockets after her bag spilled and her things fell out.

On the other hand, the Kelly bag has been named in tribute to Grace Kelly when she was covering her pregnancy with Princess Caroline from the paparazzi with a Hermes bag.

The history that follows both of these bags is one of the biggest signifiers of the main difference between them and who they are made for. Both bags are synonymously luxurious as much as they are timeless and chic. But each of the bags carries a different way of wearing them and certain functionality.

The Kelly bag has one handle whereas the Birkin has two handles at the top of the bag. The Kelly in some sort gives an overall more elegant look whereas the Birkin is that everyday bag that thrives off of its practicality and functionality. 

Hermes prides itself on the artisanal practice and craftsmanship that goes into the making of its Birkin bags. The range of prices that these can be changed due to the exotic materials and designs that some of the bags were made with. This constant forward-thinking ‘reinventions’ of the bag keep its relevance over the years in fashion, hence why it can be seen on all the biggest celebrities from Beyond to Lady Gaga and many more. It is the most sought after bag!

As the Kelly comes with a shoulder strap it makes a much more practical bag as it can wear it using the shoulder strap whereas with the Birkin it needs to be handheld at all times. So depending on if you are going to use it, you may want to take that into consideration for example if you are generally carrying loads then you might want to go hands-free with your bag and Kelly could be a great choice. The slight difference between the Birkin and Kelly bags makes each one suited for different occasions as well as styling options. Although coming with a hefty price tag that can be daunting another thing you’d have to worry about is exactly what style and size you’d want to go for. Sachini's favourites are the Kelly 28, which is similar to the Birkin 30.

Both bags are iconic and the most timeless bags to ever exist. The array of styles, types of materials and designs over the years ensure that these never go out of fashion which makes them an excellent investment. It can definitely be said that the Kelly bag has a significantly younger look to it whereas the Birkin is much more elegant and professional looking. Having a smaller bag makes you more considerate of what you are taking with you whereas the practicality of a bigger bag allows for it to be the ideal everyday piece you go for.

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