Winter whites in the mountains

Sachini wearing white in a mountainous environment

White is my favourite colour all around the year but this winter, winter white became the colour of the season, the colour of the runaway collections and the skiwear norm. Whether you saw it in tweed form on the Chanel catwalk or the Louis Vuitton look of the edgy white winterwear, the off-white (not the crisp white you see in the summer, that is the difference) is definitely dominating the colour palette this season. It is also a full-on head to toe look with the braver one among us even wearing the off winter white boots to go with it and a Russian style winter hats in white as well.

But it is relatively easy to look to do. If you get yourself a pair of off white jeans and then pair it with a chunky knit of the same colour most of you already have in your wardrobe, you are almost there. You can keep the look really neutral if you go for nude shoes and bags but if you feel like you are missing that pop of colour (the monochrome soul of mine is not familiar with this temptation), you can add a burgundy bag or an emerald green accessories to style the look with.

I was in the mountains in Switzerland for a good part of this winter and I did many variations of this off white head to toe look. Layer it with an off white fur coat, a dazzling pair of earrings and a pair of heels with blinks and a red lip on, you are the most stylish in the Alps. Pair it with a tan sleeveless shearling with an offwhite headband and some mountain boots, it is a romantic look for day walks in the mountains.

You could also do this head to toe off white winter look with a skirt as well. The longer and fuller the skirt you are getting closer to the Haute Couture we saw in Paris runaways including the best from Christian Dior. Embellished, net skirts with hand-sewn details, a little sparkled belt on your waist, so it almost looks as if it one piece and a dark pair of sunglasses for the winter sun, you are on your own Couture show right in the middle of the Swiss Alps! Can the snow this season get any dreamier? …..

Sachini wearing white in a village with a mountain in the background
Sachini sitting in a stone window wearing white


Sachini wearing white in a mountainous environment

WHITE Trousers and skirts

Sachini wearing white looking at a snowy mountain


Sachini wearing white in a mountainous environment
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