What is the most important relationship in your life

Sachini wearing a white and green Reiss dress with  exotic trees in the background

What is the most important relationship in your life? Starting with your parents, siblings, friends, extended family, later on, your life with romantic partners, their family, new friends, we go through hundreds of people and build different kinds of relationships with each one of those we encounter. But have you ever thought what is the most important relationship you have in your life? Who that is with? Who would you say you have to get along the best with or have to live the most of your time with? My answer is myself.

My relationship with myself is the most important relationship in my life. It is the one that I live the longest with, the one that I can never escape from if I break up with and the one that never leaves me in good times or bad.

It is a relationship built mainly on sheer strength to surpass anything that comes my way. I have gone through periods of very low self-confidence and self-esteem, have lived through periods of many difficulties whether it is emotional, financial, or health-related. I have made mistakes and suffered through losses of both people and materialistic. But one thing that either circumstances or challenges couldn't hurt was my strength to believe in myself, the trust I have in myself to get me out of the dark zone and to see the light again.

Like any other, my relationship with myself has gone through so many stages, some ups, and downs but one persistent thing I always ensure to have is strength.

Sachini wearing a white and green Reiss dress with  exotic trees in the background

For the best part of my life, the only currency or fuel I had was the inner voice I have within me. It allowed me to laugh when I am happy, it allowed me to cry when I was sad but also told me to wipe out my tears and get going. So I believe the best relationship in your life starts by being empathetic with you, by listening to what your mind and body says and really listening.

It is about allowing yourself to change. Change is a beautiful thing. We have a tendency to expect people around us to remain the same or to comment if someone has noticeably changed in a way that we question why we change. But anyone who grows through a lifetime of experiences is inevitable for change. Whether it is your personality, habits, or beliefs, allowing yourself to take that journey without any judgment is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Yes, you may lose some people along the way if the change is too much for them to cope with, but then would you rather deny yourself that opportunity to please someone else? I wouldn't.

Someone once told me that ‘Noone knows you the way you do‘ and over the years I always through how true that is. It is very easy for people around you to tell you when to stop something when to start something and all of this could be with your best interests at heart, but does anyone really know you as you do? I don't think so. For example, I don't know anyone else to the extent that I know myself. Even within the very close circle of your loved ones, at the end of the day, you know if something is a go or no go. I always believe that it is by living your life according to your own rule book, by taking the risks you want to take and then taking the responsibility and accountability of those decisions along with the positive or negative results that give you, can you grow and love, first and foremost yourself.

So cherish and love that person who is always there for you, the person who have fought thousands of battles to get you here today, and no matter how tomorrow brings, the person who you will never lose, and that person is YOU!

Sachini wearing a white and green Reiss dress with exotic trees in the background holding a Chloé bag

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Sachini wearing a white and green Reiss dress with  exotic trees in the background
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