Why Hermès is Timeless

Sachini with an Hermes scarf

To me, the words Hermès and timeless are as closely meaningful as two words could be. It is a journey that started in 1837, embraced and adored by many generations all around the world.


Having a piece from Hermès is really like traveling through time. Every time I take out an Hermès piece from my wardrobe, I always have the same set of emotions. A feeling of pride for how hard I have worked, a burst of joy for how fortunate I am to have it in my hands and a deep sense of admiration for the beautiful craft behind every piece.


For those of you have been reading this space for a while will know that I love style and fashion as a form of art and timeless elegance is what makes me speechless. The exquisite details, the craftsmanship behind every single stitch and the uniqueness of every item of Hermès never fail to amaze me.


Hermès is very quntiessentially French. The designs are classic and understated. Nevertheless they are very stylish and represents taste and true sophistication. May it be a Birkin or a Kelly, a silk scarf or a twilly, you can always see the timless touch on each piece.


I look at the stunning vintage pieces handed down by generations and I think how absolutely chic and elegant they are for today. The designs have not aged and the high quality made has lasted many decades. To me it is like turning a page of history book to find out that history repeats.


It also means that when I buy something from Hermès it is something I think as a true investmenet. I buy it for life and I know that one day I would hand it over to my daughter to love it as much as I do.

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