The ultimate guide to buying knitwear this autumn

Close up of Sachini wearing a green Sheepinc cardigan

Navigating dressing for the colder seasons can be tricky, especially if you are based in the UK the unpredictability of day-to-day weather changes. The season change in the UK comes with a unified sentiment of doom and gloom that will accompany us for the next few months, but I see it as a time of more nights in than out. 

Whether it’s thrown over your favorite t-shirt as you work from home or over a dress for brunch. Returning to a favorite piece of cozy knitwear every year is a feeling that is truly unmatched. Going to a pumpkin farm or visiting your local coffee shop for a hot chocolate wouldn’t be the same without a knit jumper. Here's a guide to buying knitwear this Autumn.

Everyone has had a fair share of mishaps with sweaters - stretching out, pilling… The important thing in finding your perfect piece of knitwear is ensuring you are buying pieces made of good materials such as cotton, wool, and cashmere. In the colder seasons, it’s better to choose cashmere or wool as they will keep you warmer. A timeless classic style of knitwear that is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe is a solid-colored crew neck sweater. A crewneck can be thrown over a pair of trousers for work, jeans for a cinema trip, or a lovely midi dress - the options are endless.

Model wearing orange knitwear


Sustainability is a major buzzword circling fashion discourse and I love supporting mindful and ethically responsible brands. In truth fashion is not sustainable, however, more brands now than ever are realizing the importance and vital need to make consciously sourced and created pieces. 

Sheep inc. is the first carbon-negative knitwear brand and the go-to for your versatile, classic knitwear pieces that will be staples in your wardrobe for a long period of time. In their collection of timeless knitwear pieces, you can find anything from button-up sweaters to a classic crew neck in colors ranging from neutrals as well to the most on-trend vibrant colors. 

Their ethos is all about buying less and buying mindfully so Sheep Inc. operates on a no-discount promise in efforts to encourage better buying from their customers. Sheep inc has a fully traceable supply chain, making them also a perfect gift to yourself or someone else since we are coming up to the festive season….

The Sheep inc. sheep live in New Zealand with a large space to live freely and enjoy the highest animal welfare standard. The Sheep play a key part in the Regenerative Farming movement keeping the farm soil healthy and reducing the need for fertilizers and full-circle making Sheep inc. the first-ever naturally carbon negative footprint brand. 

Close up of a model wearing beige Sheep Inc knitwear
Close up of a light blue Sheep Inc knitwear
Close up of blue wool
Sachini wearing a green Sheep Inc cardigan, blue ripped jeans and green Nike Air Jordan sneakers holding a white Gucci bag

Working with brands that are conscious and mindful of the world around us brings anyone to question the way they shop. In the fast-fashion world that we are surrounded by. Sheep inc. is unique in showing the importance of honoring animals and grounding their customers to feel connected with nature.

Written by: Adela Makowska

Directed by: Sachini Dilanka

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