Sight to My Sore Eyes | CAUDALIE

Sight to My Sore Eyes | CAUDALIE

Reporting after 4 weeks of using Caudalie Eye Cream


I have been glued to my computer in the last few years, especially after starting my own enterprise, the working hours have become longer and the intensity I look at the computer screen is stronger. It is no surprise that my eyes have been paying the price.

I have had many mornings waking up and thinking 'did I forget to take off my mascara last night?' Because I will see dark smudges all around my eyes and I realise with a help of a closer look in the mirror, it is indeed my own skin.

I have not jumped into the anti-age beauty product game yet. However, I think being an early bird really pays off when it comes to skin care. I have noticed as time goes on, an eye cream is one of the best investments a girl can make.

When I started using the Caudalie Eye Cream the only question I asked myself was, 'why didn't I start this earlier '. I was seeing improvement under my eyes in days of use. My dark circles are going away and the general under eye area looks so much smooth and plump. It is obviously a premium brand. However, it does work as a premium product for the premium price that you pay.

Caudalie Eye Cream is among many other eye care products from Caudalie and I think if I am to recommend just one product, it would be the Caudalie Eye Cream - Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream.


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