Rimmel London Concealers Review - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 4

Sachini wearing Rimmel concealer for testing Beaty series

Testing Beauty! The beauty series that puts all the makeup and skincare products in to test! In Episode 4, we are comparing Rimmel London KIND & FREE Hydrating Concealer vs. THE MULTI-TASKER Concealer! Which is the better drugstore concealer?

Products : Rimmel London KIND & FREE Hydrating Concealer vs. THE MULTI-TASKER Concealer

Price : THE MULTI-TASKER Concealer- Â£8.89

KIND & FREE Hydrating Concealer- Â£7.99



The hydrating concealer had a very light, water-like texture and I didn't find it have enough pigmentation to cover the dark circles my skin has. Despite powdering it also creased the most. The Multi-tasker concealer on the other hand is thick, has a nice amount of pigmentation and works nice as a concealer. The only downside is it needs a lot of blending.

Colour Range 

The hydrating concealer comes in 6 shades and the Multi-tasker concealer comes in 9 shades. Due to the limited number of colours available, you might not always get the right shade.


The hydrating concealer is not long lasting and creasing. It also seems to fade very quickly during the day where as the Multi tasker has more staying power. You need to powder a lot though, specially under the eyes.

Value for Money 

They are both affordable concealers from the drug store and the price difference is very minimal, so if you are going to buy a Rimmel London concealer, I would recommend the Multi-tasker instead of the hydrating concealer.

Final Scores

THE MULTI-TASKER Concealer - 6/10

KIND & FREE Hydrating Concealer - 4/10


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