Pat Mcgrath MatteTrance Lipstick Review - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 2

Sachini wearing pat mcgrath MatteTrance Lipstick

Testing Beauty! The beauty series that puts all the makeup and skincare products in to test! In Episode 2, we are testing the Pat Mcgrath MatteTrance Lipstick.

Product : Pat Mcgrath MatteTrance Lipstick

Price : £36


Texture - This is a matte lipstick with a touch of velvet smooth finish. I found it very smooth and creamy and not drying your lips at all, but I always put lipstick on top of a nourishing lip balm.

Pro Tip: The pigmentation is very good, so for a subtle look, just dab instead of dragging the lipstick on the skin of your lips.

Colour Range - Comes in 39 shades so you are guaranteed to find a shade you love. Has a lot of nude colours as well as dark colours, perfect for all skin tones.

Longevity - Matte lipsticks usually lasts longer that this is no surprise. I would say it lasts as long as an average matte lipstick throughout foods and drinks.

Value for Money - It is £36!! It is more expensive than Chanel or Dior and in my opinion, it is not an essential but rather a touch of luxury to have throughout the day or a great gift item.

Final Score - It is one of the nicest lipsticks I have and I absolutely love it. 8/10 only because of the price tag!

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