Moonlit Seduction Makeup Look with Pat McGrath Labs

Sachini wearing Moonlit Seduction Makeup Look with Pat McGrath Labs

I am somewhat saving the best to last! Pat McGrath Labs is a recent discovery in my beauty and makeup journey nevertheless one that made a massive impact. It changed my perspective of what is high quality means when it comes to makeup and how much creativity can be embedded in to a brand.

From the moment I found their matte trance lipstick, which quickly became my favourite matte lipstick, I was so curious to explore the rest of the products. I ended up getting some more lip products, the foundation, the powder (which are all coming in the Testing Beauty series in 2023!) and the Moonlit Seduction eyeshadow palette. Needless to say I have never had an eyeshadow palette as fascinating as this one. Some colours are actually 2 colours depending on the angle you see them on your eye lid! And the quality is beatable by none. So I created this look for a Christmas Party and had the best compliments on my eyes and couldn't recommend you enough. I think she is a genius!

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