Maybeline Anti-age Eraser vs. Fit Me Concealer Review - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 3

Sachini comparing Maybeline Anti-age Eraser vs. Fit Me Concealer REVIEW - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 1

Testing Beauty! The beauty series that puts all the makeup and skincare products in to test! In Episode 3, we are comparing Maybeline Anti-age Eraser vs. Fit Me Concealer! Which is the better drugstore concealer?

Products : Maybeline Anti-age Eraser vs. Fit Me Concealer

Price : Maybeline Anti-age Eraser - £8.99

Fit Me Concealer - £5.99



Maybeline Anti-age Eraser is much of a high coverage creamy texture where as Fit Me Concealer is a lighter concealer with a more natural finish. I liked the Anti-age Eraser better as you can put little if you want a natural look and add more for a full coverage. With Fit me, it gives you a light coverage and when I added layers for extra coverage, the texture became hard to manage and creasing under the eyes.

Colour Range 

Maybeline Anti-age Eraser comes in 17 shades and the Fit Me Concealer comes in 15 shades. In both cases, the colours have more options for lighter skin than dark skin.


Maybeline Anti-age Eraser lasted all day under my eyes with very minimum creasing. Fit Me Concealer on the other hand creased a lot more and towards the end of the day the product faded out quite a lot.

Value for Money 

The price difference is £3 and for that £3, the Anti-Age eraser is many times better in all aspects above. It compares very well to luxury beauty concealers.

Final Scores

Maybeline Anti-age Eraser - 9/10

Fit Me Concealer - 5/10

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