How to rock white boots this Spring

Sachini wearing a green Ghost Fashion dress and white & Other Stories shoes

White boots used to be very controversial. It was either love or hate and many (including myself here) shied away going anywhere near them. Yes, they are a bit of a challenge to style and can make you look shorter if you let it cut it in the wrong place, but then who cares about all these rules and I personally think the challenge is the fun part. White boots look at me say 'don't you dare' and I say 'of course I dare baby!'

So if any of you ever wondered how to style them, the beginners trick is to wear them with lighter colour jeans or even white jeans. It means the colour continuation and you don't have to think about what colour of bottoms will go with white boots.

For those of who you want to play a bit more, go for wide leg trousers or boyfriend jeans. Make the silhouette of a pair of bell bottoms meet a pair of white boots while you wear a body suit and an oversized blazer with some cool sunglasses on, you are instantly new Parisian chic!

It is all about the attitude and confidence you want to put put there. I even like pairing them with some Spring dress. I love the clash of a classic floral spring dress combined with some white boots that looks somewhat dressy but totally unconventional to pair together. I think it makes you want to give it a second look.

Yes, not everyone is going to be a fan of these looks, some will find these simply too “man-repelling” but as I always say here, remember to dress you, the person who you are and the person who you want to be and whatever the style you want to rock, do it for you.

Fashion is one of the most beautiful languages you can express yourself and be your own destiny writer. Wear those white boots you thought looked cool on other people, enjoy the very first moments of feeling uncomfortable because that means you are using yourself and re-inventing a new chapter in your own style diary. x

Sachini sitting on stairs wearing pink knitwear, white trousers and white boots holding a red handbag
Sachini wearing a light blue top, blue jeans and white boots holding a blue handbag

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