How to come out of lockdown in style

Close up of a white and blue dress in a field

Dressing gowns replaced with summer dresses, jogging bottoms replaced with summer shorts, the pyjama tops with a memory of all our lockdown breakfasts replaced with strappy summer tops, no wonder very many of you told me that you actually have forgotten how to dress up again. I mean "What is a bra? or do I need to always wear bottoms?" So hey... let's do this in a tidy way but let's all come out as our best version of fashionistas...

A Spring Clean

So Step number 1, let's start with a “Spring clean”, Yes, I know… Spring just came and went and all I saw was a few blooming flowers on my terrace, but a girl can celebrate the spring by having a good wardrobe clear-out. I dig all my nails into this mission. Took me a whole weekend but I got rid of anything I didn't wear last summer, everything I don't want to wear this summer and all things I can no longer fit in to and the end I was left with inspiration that only comes with having a tidy, uncluttered wardrobe.

Close up of Sachini wearing a white and blue dress in a field

Make a wishlist

Months of no shopping can very easily get us all in to go on to full-on ‘buy everything' mode, which is actually called revenge-shopping, yes, it is indeed a thing. But, before you open up your wallet to everything on the website, let's hold off for a minute and start to be smart about this.

The fashion market is at a very saturated point now, a lot of sales going on, a lot of retailers are trying to get rid of stock that is left from all the lockdown months etc. So the choice can be quite overwhelming. So, the best thing to do is, have a good look at your existing wardrobe and before you go into any website or an actual shop, make a list of things you want to wear this summer. Mine is like a few white dresses, one simple, one statement, a nice cut black blazer, white square toe heeled sandals, get them in black and nude as well if I can find them, a mini denim skirt, a crisp white shirt, a Dior book tote and some flat sandals.

So this means rather than endlessly browsing and adding random items to my basket, I search on the websites for the item I really do want to have this summer. Also at the end, I have used my budget wisely and got the things I know I would wear again and again.

How about seasonal trends? 

The world of fashion has its trends completely knocked out by the pandemic and they are only just about emerging out. So we are talking some puffy sleeves, last season's Dior checks are still in, Zimmerman dresses are still turning heads and yes, you can go crazy with white dresses. Any shoes from Bottega will be an IT pair and Hermes greek sandals are good enough for any light summer occasion as if the world has almost become a bit light-hearted….

Sachini wearing a white and blue dress in a field
Sachini wearing a white and blue dress in a field


Close up of Sachini wearing a white and blue dress in a field
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