Happiness in quarantine

Sachini wearing a brown jacket and white dress in an outdoor environment with cows

Happiness in quarantine? It means so many things to so many. Each of us gives a very different answer at different stages of life. Many get it so wrong so many times, I definitely know that I have.

But when you are in isolation, sharing life only with your partner or immediate family, it somehow has connected many dots for me to answer the question of what is it to be truly happy and how to find happiness in quarantine. Crisis times have a tendency to put things in perspective and I ask myself that question, what keeps me going? What brings me a smile? And as each day goes pass by I learn that as much as I appreciate and am grateful for the materialistic things, I find the greatest of joy when I see the smile of a loved one. I am most happy just having dinner on our terrace and stare into the sunset as it darkens the night sky or wakes up to see the beams of sun flooding into the bedroom. I feel like I notice more and I appreciate more, therefore.

I am a self-admitted workaholic. So yes, work still gives me an abundance of joy. But I have found a lot of happiness in little things in life. Also a lot fewer expectations from my days and allowing myself the time to have a relaxing bath, time to read a book which is not work-related, and to watch Netflix have given me a break from work and any workaholic out there would know how rare that is. But what surprised me the most was that I always thought doing loads is what would bring me happiness, whether it is working a lot, pushing myself at sports or in any given facet of life, I used to think more I do is better and happier I will become. But boy I was taken by surprise!

I find happiness in doing a little less, having a moment to appreciate nature, slowing down my run a little bit to see around.. it is definitely a different chapter of happiness…

Sachini wearing a brown jacket and white dress in an outdoor environment leaning against a fence
Sachini wearing a brown jacket and white dress on a country side road

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