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Ever since I have started University, I have always had colored hair. May it be some highlights for the summer or a full Balayage for the Autumn, colored hair always gave me an extra dimension to play with. But colored hair also means dry and coarse hair which need a lot of looking after. Especially in the Winter season and the early Spring, my hair definitely needs that nourishment and protection. That is where the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle comes in, to replenish the softness in my hair and bring it back to life.

It is a 2-step process that literally takes 3 minutes. Start with the Shampoo to clean all the dirt in your hair followed by the Colour Protect Conditioner. This conditioner leaves my hair nourished and soft, all I do is give it a blow dry afterward.

The Pantene 3 minute miracle range is available to buy from Superdrug at a very affordable price and all the shoppable links are down below.

Close of Pantene colour protect Shampoo

Stop 1 : Shampoo

Close of Pantene colour protect conditioner
Close of Pantene colour protect Shampoo
Pantene shampoo on Sachini's hand

Stop 2 : Condition

Close of Pantene colour protect conditioner
Pantene conditioner on Sachini's hand

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