Goodbye Fashion Rules

Sachini wearing a colourful dress setting on a bench

I remember being told so many rules of dressing when growing up.

Friends and family were always very generous of letting the fashion rules known. There were really a countless number of them. “If you are shorter than 5’ 6, stay away from maxi dresses, in fact they will make you look shorter, Red is never worn with green - it is too much of a clash, If you are darker like me, you can’t wear darker colours such as black, also neither can you wear light colours such as white! And under no circumstance, wear red! And the list goes on.“

It is only after being an adult and having my own career; I started to actually think about these so-called fashion rules.

Looking back at it now, I think it was the time I let go of all the opinions that belongs to everyone else and woke up to embrace my own liberation and individuality.

I started to think of Fashion as a way to expressing myself. It is a way of communicating and a way of loving myself. Hence, I found that styling is so much more fun once you throw out the rulebook and have a good play around it.

The irony in these fashion rules is that they actually take your confidence away. They limit your imagination and creativity and make you feel as though you have to tick certain boxes in the rulebook in order to look beautiful and confident when the truth is far from it.

For example, if you want to wear a maxi dress, wear it no matter how short or tall you are. Wear all the colours that you feel like wearing – wear them all together if that is what you like. Because if you are confident enough, you can pull off any look you wish to. It really comes down to how much do you think you are capable of.

We all know the saying of “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Who better is to find you beautiful than yourself? Let your own eyes see the best version of yourself, stand tall and be confident, because confidence is forever stunning!

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