Finding Your Sanctuary

Finding Your Sanctuary

A Place of peace and harmony to rest and recuperate from a busy life style in the city! These words sounds music to my ears and in most of the times during the year I crave to be in a place of serenity with just family and nature around. Because I know it is important for me to switch off. As much as as I find it difficult to stay away from work and secretly reply to emails when I am on holidays, they are more reasons why I should switch off and just relax.

Finding my own sanctuary has always been crucial for me, both for my happiness as well as for health both physically and psychologically. I live in the heart of London which of course I am so grateful for and wouldn’t change for anything else and I love the rush and the buzz of the city. It is my fuel in a way. I am motivated by a city which has an energetic spirit and of course it is home. So I can never relax in London, not even for a weekend.

This is why I have found my sanctuary elsewhere, in the beautiful costal sides of Cornwall.

I love Cornwall and I always have. It has the feeling of exotic vibes and beautiful weather during most parts of the year. Surrounded by the  dramatic landscapes and a magnificent sea sides, it has the best of both worlds for me, mountains and the oceans in one place!

I love being able to take a stroll down the beach and I can live in the moment for a while with the sea breeze being so welcoming.

Cornwall has one of the best of beaches in UK that I have ever experienced and for some reason, I almost feel that Cornwall is a different country altogether (of course it used to be) because of the difference in every aspect in lifestyle there. Places like St Ives for example are so unique in the way they have carefully remained authentic to the true Cornish heritage with its undeniable natural beauty from the mid-1800s and since then the town has become a magnet for some of the world’s greatest painters, sculptors and ceramists.

I love the cottages that lasted throughout the history and the architecture so rich and true to its roots. Walking around in farms and seeing sheep becomes a beautiful norm in life and more I stay there, the more I fall in love with.

It is impossible to talk about Cornwall without mentioning it’s delicious (and rather comforting) food. I love the fragrance of the strong coffee coming from little cafes down the country side footpaths and the most delicious scones of all times!

It sets me on to an alternative reality where everything is so beautifully homemade and delicate. There is no hurry to do anything and everything has this unmistakable subtle beauty of pure serenity and warmth.

I love being wrapped around in a cozy blanket next to the fire reading a cornish novel, holding a hot drink up close, free of all laptops and phones but only the sound of waves breaking the rock hills reminds you the equal strength and resilience of nature!

I cannot wait to go back!

Finding My Sanctuary - Sachini London

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