Fashion verdict: Is Mach and Mach worth the Price Tag?

Sachini wearing a blue party dress with Mach and Mach shoes sitting in front of a fireplace

If you haven’t seen the epic revenge post-pandemic heels, then, where have you been? These shoes have been sold out every and are the epitome of jewellery for your feet… They are almost too pretty wear. These shoes scream every woman’s cinderella fantasy of wearing striking yet dainty stilettos. Last year when all we knew was loungewear it was hard to imagine such a shoe taking the world over with it’s jewels and sparkle. The Mach and Mach heels are the perfect revenge heels for any party you feel like you had to miss. With these heels any look you want is automatically a statement in itself.

Founded in 2012 in, Georgia, sisters Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili, the brand has thrived in the pandemic, reaching viral status of their heels. These heels have been by almost every fashion icon as well as the biggest of celebrities. However, are these gorgeous shoes a viral trend that will soon blow over or are they worth the price tag?

Sachini wearing a blue party dress with Mach and Mach shoes in front of a fireplace
Sachini wearing a blue party dress with Mach and Mach shoes in front of a fireplace


The shoes are of impeccable quality and a heel that is extremely well-made - to no surprise! However, for the height of the heel they are known to not be the most comfortable. If you are a frequent heel wearer you could easily slip these on for a few hours and dance the night away. 

If you are looking to wear them for longer you can insert fusion insoles but they have been designed to be a wearable heel that is comfortable. They are a shoe that fits true to size. On a lookout for delicate heels, these are ones that if you wear them to your occasional evening events, they will last for their value.


There is a reason why these heels have gone viral. How can they not catch someone’s eye? They look like a pair of heels that has been ripped off a princesses feet and make anyone look and feel like they are straight out of a fairytale. The details on these satin pumps with snaking crystal bows have been created with beautiful craftsmanship. 

These were made to grab attention and essentially have built the Mach and Mach name. The pointy silhouette on a thin heel is ultra-feminine and sexy however there is a sensual innocence to these heels. The crystal silver rope that is faintly wrapped around the ankles is the perfect detail to make these even more glamorous. These heels are everything you may want when you want to add a bit of dazzle. 


The Mach and Mach heels do capture an essence of classic stiletto pointed heels but they definitely have created a new trend with their satin finish and added sparkles. Whether this will be a trend to stand the test of time is hard to say but it is something to look out for if you are thinking of making the purchase. Did we all go crazy for these heels because of the lust for an occasion to bring out the most glamorous and extravagant pair of heels there is post-lockdown? Or do these truly capture a unique feminine look that we haven't seen on the market before?

Mach and Mach is an expensive brand in the pre-loved market as well due to their popularity. People are looking at getting their hands on these in whatever way they can to experience these beautifully crafted shoes. Limited stock marketing has been essential for many brands as this idea of exclusivity is alluring to people - if this is something that will remain apart of Mach and Mach, then these will no doubt turn it a cherished classic shoe that will be sought after for a long time.


There is an undoubtable allure to these heels that we can’t escape. Coming in a vibrant variety of colours it’s hard to resist not adding these onto your wishlist. Although these shoes are everything you may want in a sparkly shoe and they truly fulfill the needs of having that statement heel for almost any look, they do come with a large price tag. 

Are these gorgeous heels worth the price tag? That is the £1000 question! If you are looking for just another pair of heels that you might want to throw on occasionally, there are so many other options out there that you can easily style to look just as good. Especially if you are looking for something comfortable and wearable there are heels that come with a lower price tag and a higher level of comfort. However, if you are looking for a statement shoe that is a unique jewellery for your feet essentially there is no pair of heels we’ve seen out there that are more special at the moment. Mach and Mach is an amazing choice and there is truly something so special about their branding surrounding positivity and vibrance towards life itself. We believe that these heels will forever hold some value in respect to the time they went viral - almost as a symbol of the new found freedoms that we get to experience and cherish once again after the last two years. You will without a doubt have many stop you for a compliment on your shoes and it will make any outfit that you wear memorable and stay in your wardrobe for many occasions to come. But more importantly, these heels will give you that feeling when you walk into the room and you feel powerful as all eyes set on your Mach and Mach heels... You know that feeling...


Written by: Adela Makowska

Directed by: Sachini Dilanka

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