The Dior Mascara Review with primer

The Dior Mascara Review with primer

Finding the one, the one that makes your lashes look longer thinker, plumper and the list goes on. I have been intrigued to find the best of mascara products out there ever since I started wearing makeup as my lashes are quite flat. And despite of having think hair, my lashes are quite thin and fine. So I knew that I need all the help I could get in the mascara game. So, here is the one and only the Dior mascara review - Sachini

Finding the Dior Lash primer was merely an accident. I had seen it on YouTube a couple of times but I a lovely lady at the Dior Counter in John Lewis, Oxford Circus was the one to show this to another customer while I was waiting to pay for my mascara.

Hearing the words ‘lash primer' intrigued me and I thought if anyone needs a new gadget for lashes, that is me. So I tried it then and there and was so surprised at the instance thickness and the length it added to my lashes. When I did my first eye I had the chance to compare it to my other eye and it looks like I was wearing false lashes but without the fuss and glue disasters.

Since then the Dior lash Primer never left my dressing table and after using it for a good 3+ months, I could say that it is definitely worth the Dior price tag.

I have tested out dozens and dozens of mascaras. Started out as a passion and now more for my blog, I tend to always keep my eyes open for the new discoveries in the eyelash game.

So Dior mascaras are nothing new to me. I have tested them all along with the primer as well as without the primer. Since I am to narrow it down to my current favorite mascara, it has to be Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara. In all honesty, it had tough competition from DiorShow False Mascara and from YSL mascara. But I chose this for a reason.

Since I consider the lash curler to be one of the best tools ever to be invented in the beauty world, anything else that helps my flat lashes to be curled up is a real gem.  The brush in the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara is perfect for curling your lashes while applying the mascara and unlike many other mascaras, I have noticed that the curl actually lasts all day. It is very volumizing and definitely being complimented by a layer of Dior Lash Primer underneath. So it is a seriously good duo!

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