Dior Beauty Backstage Blush Review - TESTING BEAUTY - EPISODE 10

Sachini wearing Dior Backstage Blush

Testing Beauty! The beauty series that puts all the makeup and skincare products in to test! In Episode 10, we are testing the Dior Backstage Blush, the blush that took social media over a storm! Is it really worth the hype?

Product : Dior Backstage Blush

Price : £31

Texture : It is a light, very smooth powder blush. Initially, I was taken back by how light it is and how it would look on my dark skin tone, but to my surprise, it looked a complete different colour on my skin than it showed in the package, according to Dior, it is supposed to adopt to your skin tone!

Colour Range : At the moment in this specific range (Dior Backstage) there are only 2 shades, which oddly I love. Because they are both very adoptable to the skin tone, I love the minimalistic approach and regardless of the skin colour, they suit everyone.

Longevity : It lasted all day on my skin and did not move, I didn't need to re-apply. So for a powder blush, it is very long-lasting!

Value for Money : £31 is a high end price for Blush but standard for Dior and Backstage range altogether is a bit more price friendlier than their other collections. If you are looking for a fresh blush colour that looks quite elegant and gives you rosey cheeks, this a a great high end option.

Final Scores :  It has medium intensity of pigmentation which meant that you could have a light touch for daytime and then build it up for whenever you want. I really liked how it stayed on my face and it gives a gorgeous healthy glow to your skin and got a lot of compliments. So for the first time in this series, we are having at 10/ 10 for a make up product! 

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