Casual Style with a contrast

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I love dressing up casual pieces. It is fun experimenting and polishing up the ordinary looks. So here is a few tips to make the casual look little less ordinary and more exciting.

Classic Accessorizing

Whether we wear a simple summer dress or a pair of jeans or shorts, accessories can make a great difference. If I am wearing an outfit which’s colour I would like to stand out, I go for a neutral palette of accessories which will highlight the outfit.  On the other hand, if I am wearing neutral colours or plain pastels, by adding a pop of colour using a pair of sandals or a colourful bag can make the look more put-together. A good pair of sunglasses sometimes single handedly can make the outfit look much sharper.

Comfort is Key

Over the years I have learnt that comfort is a sign of confidence. Every time I wore a piece which I felt uncomfortable in (mainly shoes) it showed on my face and as well as on the photographs. Then I realised it is about how I feel in a particular piece and no matter how tall a 6 inch heel makes me look, it shows all on my face and discomfort did not look neither sexy nor confident. As a result I have learnt to go for the shoes that I can actually walk in and occasionally run in as well. The result is I feel comfortable in what I am wearing and feel ready to take on the day’s challenges.

Casual Style with a contrast

The Role of Details

I love the details in outfits. For me it is all about the craft behind it and I fall in love with pieces for their exquisite details and delicate work.

Sometimes I am in a hurry and put on my favourite pair of jeans and a simple shirt but then I reach for a detailed jacket to add a sense of style to the outfit and I instantly feel ready. Pieces like these have made the getting ready process in a rush easier for me as if they make up for the lack of effort and bring back the shine and glory.

I have found it easier to do this with jackets or blazers as they are the most outer pieces of the outfit. So when investing in clothes, I tend to go for more premium outerwear with gorgeous details as they add more value and can be used with a variety of pairings.

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