Can we turn the page over for 2021?

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Many of us is asking this question and who has the answer? Has the rise of 2021 given many of us hope, a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

As much of an optimist I am, I am also a realist. With the advancements of finding a vaccine, I think we will get through this, perhaps not as fast as we would like to (at the time of writing this, we had just been told 24 hours ago that that there will be another lockdown in Uk for the next month and half). So rather than overpromising the dreams, I wanted to share a few ways in how we can truly help turn the page over for 2021 while facing the reality at hand.

Family and friendships

Family and friendships have never been in more in need than during these times. While we get to see our loved ones the least, we rely on hearing their voice at the end of the line and we remember to check up on them regularly. Maybe you are that strong one in the pack or you know that friend who is always strong no matter what, check up on them too. Everyone needs friendship and caring that comes with it now more than ever and in 2021 you finally know who your true friends are, the ones that always had your back in person or virtual.

Finding you

All these time spending in your own company makes you realise a lot about yourself. While we are too busy to breath during the “normal” times, we have had a good chance to take a look in the mirror (metophorically as well as literally) and see all the things we like or dislike. We see ourselves for who we really are in our own company and that recognising of very inner you with all the burning passions gives us pathways to think and alters the course of our journey.

Some who lost their jobs starting a business they were too scared to start before or some finally learning a language they always put off or some finally realising that the relationship they are in is not the right one, these are all important things to realise. Yes, some are harder or even heart breaking, but nothing mesmerising ever came out of indecision.

The Future

It is what we make out of today. If you lost a loved one, a job, a business, a home, the grief is real and let yourself be. Allow yourself to see it for what it really is, so you can move on. You can build again, take courage again and remember why you started your journey. Think of what would have made the person who you lost proud, think all the new opportunities will be available to you in a new job, think how kind you can be to the world.

Sachini with a Louis Vuitton scarf, white trousers and & Other Stories boots

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Sachini with a Louis Vuitton scarf, white trousers and & Other Stories boots
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