Best Summer Nail Colours - 2023!

Sachini Dilanka wearing Yellow Nail polish

Some nails are one sure fire way to lift up my mood and put me in the zone to feel all the right vibes for the season. I typically wear quite dark colours in the Winter and do a lot of French or neutral nails in the Spring which I think is a nice way to transition into the gorgeous bright colours for Summer.

If I go for normal nail polish, it is often either Essie or OPI as I think they last the longest and have the best of colour sections.

One of my favourite colours to wear is Yellow (Inspired by Hailey Biber) and I think it is such a happy colour and if I go for gel, I go for OPI 56. I also love mint as it feels like I have Maldives at my finger tips and reminds me of the clear and mint colour water.

I also love a bright orange which reminds me of African sunsets and it is such a mood lifter to see your hands shining through summer.

Bonjour Summer with French Tips!

Hailey Biber Yellow

Maldives on your Fingertips

Match the Sunshine in Bright Orange

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