Is designer swimwear worth the price?

Sachini Dilanka wearing Chanel Swim

Is designer swimwear worth the price is a question that I often get around the Summer holiday times, and while I think the answer may surprise you, it is nevertheless an important question to ask and here is my honest answer.

Buying Experience

When I started buying designer/high-end goods, I started with bags, and I know that so many of you did too. Then I moved on to shoes, and only recently, I started testing out ready-to-wear from designer brands. Even then, I only invested in coats and jackets, to begin with, and moved on to other items, including swimwear. At this point, I have about 5 pairs of bikinis and 3 or 4 swimsuits and have worn and washed them multiple times, so I can give you a good idea of whether they are truly worth the price tag.

Price vs. Quality

When it comes to the price, like many other items, they are widely spread apart, and that does not always represent quality, at least not in a completely linear way. When you get a swimsuit for somewhere between £100- £300 from a good brand, it is well cut, lasts many swims, washes well and looks great each time, but by the time you are paying around £800+ for a bikini, you are simply paying for a specific pattern or for the recognisable attributes of a certain brand, so the value is simply to you and not absolute.

Also, bear in mind that if you swim in pools with a high chlorine percentage, no matter how expensive it is, it will show the wearing. I personally don't mind that, as I think it is how swimwear should look like, it means you actually enjoy the swim and water.

Think Smart

t is also about smart decision-making. Say if you have a budget of £1000 to get something for your holiday, a bag or a couple of pairs of sandals or even sunglasses are longer lasting investments and it is much harder to ruin.


One of the tips I learned to keep them as fresh looking as possible is to always immediately run them under the tap with cold water once you come back from a swim (pool or sea) it then stops the material hardening and colour fading overtime.


If you have a disposable budget and absolutely adore swimwear, then there are some styles I think are better from an investment's point of view than others. Neutral colours, Blacks, Classic cuts, No prints (at least not a uniquely recognisable and memorable print) are my usual checkboxes. Then I also think if I can wear them as a top while I am on holiday with linen pants because then you are getting two outfits out of one.


My personal favourites are Norma Kamali, Toteme and Maxmara where I think they are always so beautifully made and last many seasons and easier to get a classic piece.

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