Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner Review - TESTING BEAUTY- EPISODE 1

Sachini trying Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner Review for Testing Beauty - Episode 1

Welcome to Testing Beauty! The beauty series that puts all the makeup and skincare products in to test!

Episode 1 : Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner Review

Product : Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner

Price : £18


Texture - For me it stood perfectly in the middle of a mat and velvet smooth texture. It has the typical pencil texture which I find easier to draw and if you make mistake easier to correct as well.

Pro Tip: Make sure to put some lip balm a few mins ago you apply the lip liner and them softly pat a tissue on the lip balm to remove the excess before you apply the lip liner.

Colour Range - Comes in 18 Shades. I cannot think of any other shades it should have come with, perfect range of colours for all skin shades.

Longevity - This has good amount of longevity and does not at all move underneath the lipstick. If I put it in the morning it usually last until dinner (depending on what I eat in between)

Value for Money - £18 for a lip liner is pricey. However, it lasts quite long because of the pencil texture as opposed to creamy stick texture. I personally prefer one great lipliner to having many that does not tick all the boxes. Specially for brown skin, it is harder to choose a lip liner that has flattering shades.

Final Score - 9/10 I would repurchase in the future and highly recommend!

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