5 Ways to spice up the lockdown outfits

Sachini wearing Reformation light brown homewear

What have you been wearing the most in this lockdown? Do you always reach for the sweats or do you put an effort to st least dressed on the top so you can look presentable in the zoom calls?

At the beginning of the lockdown, all I wore were sweats, with no idea how long this would last for I used the opportunity to wear all my comfy clothes. Months went on and I realized that I look more or less the same day in and day out and I am slowly but surely losing the motivation to get dressed up in the morning. The more alarming aspect was that lack of motivation then started to reflect on other areas of my day. So towards the end of the last year, I deliberately put effort into getting myself in into an interesting enough outfit that is cozy but stylish on 5 out of the 7 days of the week and this is how…

Loungewear can look sexy

A bit of sexiness is boring… said nobody ever! So choose items that enhance the best parts of your figure and going to shapes that flatter your body shape is the key point here. Opting for a comfy pair of figure-hugging leggings as opposed to loose-fitting jogger trousers can completely change your look. But if you are a die-hard fan of the loose joggers, then opt for a crop top or a fitted vest on the top, so it shows the contrast in styling and adds a bit of sexiness to an at-home outfit.

Adding a sparkle

Have you ever noticed that you can wear a plain old white-t-shirt tucked into denim jeans but then the moment you add a bracelet, a watch, and a few rings, a necklace, then you immediately look like you have got dressed? This is my fast route to get ready for an impromptu zoom call if I am in a sweater or a t-shirt for that day. It is not just the look of the jewelry, it is also how we feel and the confidence we induce when we wear jewelry. It tells us that this moment is important, so we straighten our backs and chest forward the situation.

Hair and Makeup

Yes, this is effort and quite frankly I hardly do a full face of glamour with curled hair anymore. But it is the essentials that matter here. Just a brush of a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation or skip that and go straight to concealer if you can. The just mascara, lips, and maybe a quick stroke of blush. It takes 5 mins but it tells the world that you are mentally out of the bed for the day.

Same with hair. You don't have to spend an hour curling it, but either put it in a smart bun as it hides all the sins or if you have time, just run through the straightener.

How about Sports Clothes?

I have to admit that prior to the pandemic, I hardly had any sports clothes. I had a few t-shirts which I had since university days to wear to the gym and a few leggings that I couldn't care less about how they look like. To me, sports clothes/activewear is something I only wore at the gym or when running.

Pandemic meant a lot of going out for walks, runs, and working out at home, and add the additional time I had to experiment with my style, I really had a dig at activewear. I tried out many brands and styles to discover what I love wearing the best and what suits me the best.

It is also highly debated whether wearing activewear at home is cool or not. I think the key here is what you wear. Given activewear and sports brand do home/loungewear you can really mix and match the two. Not only it inspires you to squeeze in a workout for the day it also means that you look sporty and fit while hanging around and that is not a bad look!


I always say that what you wear underneath is just as important. Yes, you could wear less restrive lingerie and choose more freely. For example, instead of an underwired padded bra, you could wear a lace bralet which is still supportive yet comfortable.

But it is important that you keep up with your lingerie drawer. If the lockdown meant you always went for the old comfies and never looked back, remember that lingerie can give you confidence. It makes you feel attractive or sexy and though no one sees it through the clothes you are wearing, they see that extra oomph in your smile through the zoom calls.

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