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The Power suit of Spring Summer 18

My relationship with suits has been through many ups and dows. I remember the very first time I put on a pinstripe suit for my first banking job, I was overjoyed with thrill to have "made it" or become a part of the buzzing city culture. Then over the years, the repetition of the same old suit and lack of freedom in the corporate dress code made me think of them as a part of a strict uniform. But now, for the very first time, I have put on a suit by following my own free will and I have styled it the way I want, a touch of sophistication with a hint of casual sports luxe and plenty of comfort factor.

I picked this Suit from Reiss, which I would always say is the best place to get a suit from for work. It is premium high street price range and the quality of the Reiss suits are great. I have put them into all sorts of tests imaginable while my time at the city jobs and I can safely say, they have never disappointed me. The best part is, they can go a long way without ironing and getting your suit in a neutral color means that it will go a long way to putting together many outfits.

Spring Summer 18 is also the season of the suits. Whether you have been amazed by the Gucci suits that graced the runaways or the very iconic comeback of the Chanel suits, the shops are celebrating the arrival of suits in so many different colors including the most beautiful pastel shades for the upcoming season. Reserved and Topshop so far have the best suit collections on the high street and from the high-end D-Squared has reinvented the color wheel of the suits by having them in all the colors of the rainbow.

Red suits are particularly a trend this season and I have seen so many stunning two-piece trouser suits including some steals at ASOS. While I am happy to invest in a grey or a cream color suit for this Spring, a more flamboyant one such as a printed suit or a red suit has to come from the high street. I also tend to pick suits which has strong separates, i.e I can wear either the blazer or the trousers separately and mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe. However, one thing I do not compromise is the cut of the suit. Regardless of the price tag, color, and the fabric, the cut of a suit makes the biggest difference. A well-cut blazer is always a wardrobe staple and trousers also have to flatter your figure. As for materials, I would say, cotton blend of wool or a wool mix silk is the best option to go for and steer clear from viscose for this one.

The Power suit of Spring Summer 18 | Sachini

The Power suit of Spring Summer 18 | Sachini

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The Power suit of Spring Summer 18 | Sachini

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The Power suit of Spring Summer 18 | Sachini

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