Friday, October 15, 2021

Suits – Sharp, Elegant and Powerful

Suits! What is it about them that makes me feel like I can achieve anything when I am in one? I just love suits and always eyeing up my favourite shops to see how many more suits I can bring home.

When it comes to buying a suit however, I look at a few things, mainly the cut, if the cut is not flattering it is a no-go. Then the fabric, wool is perfect for most of the year if you live in London and a linen suit for the high summer. I also look in to things like length of the blazer, too long a blazer makes my legs look shorter and too short a blazer makes my torso look shorter, so the ideal length is when the blazer hits just a few inches down your hips.


My favourite place to get suits from is Reiss and Massimo Dutti. I love the cut of those suits and the fact at 5 foot 4 inches I don't have to take the trousers back to the tailors to get it shortened.

I love suits in any colour, usually I stay away from black as Navy is the colour I go if I want to go darker. Navy is also the suit I wear on my day job as a Technical Consultant to Fashion Houses in London and Paris. But I love putting on a cream colour suit in the summer or a grey one in the winter and I keep the pink suit for the days that I have more lines in my to-do list than the number of suits I own.


My Favourite SUITS this season


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