Saturday, October 16, 2021

Inside the Spring Closet of an Entrepreneur girl

It is coming towards to a year since I became a full-time Entrepreneur. It was a gradual process happened in the space of 2 years and I feel as though now the transition is complete, both in terms of the practicality of my career as well as psychologically. So let's take a look inside the Spring closet of an entrepreneur girl. I no longer wake up in the morning to get myself into a pinstripe suit with a button-up shirt. If I decide to wear a suit for the day (the key being it is my decision to wear or not to wear), I pick a suit that is more characteristic or at least in a color that I can have fun with. Then I pair the suit with a casual t-shirt and slip into my most comfortable Addidas stan smiths, a combination I never ever dreamt of being possible a few years ago.

Then there are days I go completely casual. If the day has me working with my team, either from our studio in London or from a local cafe, I opt for the comfiest pair of Levis skinny jeans, my Gucci Gucci loafers, a striped t-shirt and a red lip for a more Parisian effortless look.

If I do have meetings to attend though, I choose an outfit that is slightly more powerful to walk into a roomful of important people. I switch my t-shirt to an elegant silk top and wear my favorite pair of Gianvito Rossi heels and my power blazer. But it is safe to say I almost never step out without my watch and a coat of choice hanging on my shoulders.


As far as my handbag goes, the change is less dramatic from the days I used to work in banking. I somehow have moved to a size larger bag and become more organized and adventurous, especially when it comes to makeup.

I have gone from almost never wearing a red lip to rocking a red lip every other day. So my Chanel lipstick in red or the Gorgeous Red color from Sisley never leaves my tote these days.

My wallets are always in red, so this Cartier one is a dream to hold and it pops out in the color and makes it easier for me to find during the day when I am rushing to pay for something.

I also carry my Bal d`Afrique in the forms of hand cream as well as my day perfume. For me, it is the scent that reminds me of freedom and emerging of the free-spirit, quite suitable for the entrepreneur I aspire to be.


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