How to go Vintage Shopping | Ft. Fendi

How to go Vintage Shopping | Ft. Fendi

For me, a Great vintage jacket is an ultimate luxury in clothing. Whether I find it at a vintage fair or passed down through family, I always cherish them for the heritage that they carry and the craftsmanship they represent.

Which Pieces to look out for?

Coats and jackets do stand out to me when I go vintage shopping as I think they are the most characteristic and due to the materials used for outerwear pieces they have survived the test of time the best. They are also more likely to represent a certain era of fashion through the trends celebrated in that particular decade with details and the cut of the actual piece.

How to get the right fit?

Just like any great piece, if you want it to fit like a glove, a good tailor/seamstress is a must. I always buy vintage clothing without thinking of either the gender (Yes, I do buy Vintage Men's jackets) and the original size of the piece. I then always get it tailored to my own requirements and the size. This opens up a lot of options in terms of buying as opposed to sticking to only one size. I have also found that some pieces that I buy as men's jackets or coats make perfect winter dresses, so imagination is the key here.

Where to buy?

Sometimes you don't need to go far at all. I have realized that best pieces do come from my grandparent's closets or perhaps even from your parents. But if you want to go shopping, The Frock Me fair is one of the biggest Vintage clothing fairs in London which takes place once or twice a year. There are also really nice vintage shops scattered through London, a few good ones being around Shoreditch. If you are, however, planning to shop online, Vestiare Collective is the first place to go to. Since they verify the authenticity, the hassle of checking the origin is being taken care of.

In Long Term...

One thing I always keep in mind when it comes to vintage clothing is though, they do need a great amount of care. Many pieces are only dry clean (another reason I tend to stick to outerwear), so yes, they can make or break an outfit but they are also to be looked after.


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