Finding your Perfect Floral Dress For Spring

Finding your Perfect Floral Dress For Spring

Are you looking for that perfect dress to match the Spring blooms this season? Or Are you looking for a perfect dress to wear to a spring wedding? Then, here is a little guide to choosing that picture perfect floral dress to stroll around in the Spring Breeze

High Street vs High End

As much as a lover I am of the designer clothing, this is one area I tend to look more on the high street than on the high end. the reason being, floral dresses are not very versatile. Among so many dresses you have in your wardrobe, how many times have you worn your floral dresses? Since they are quite eye-catching in the print, they make very memorable numbers and I tend to think of cost per wear if I am investing in a piece. With floral dresses, trends also change very often and they are quite a seasonal item. So my first browse would be on ASOS TopShop and perhaps at And Othe Stories.

The Style and Patterns

This is quite a personal choice when it comes to getting your Spring Floral dress. What is the best length for you or whether you like a sleeveless or a dress with sleeves? I personally like a dress (midi or maxi) with some other materials mixed in with florals, perhaps some lace.  It is that kind of touch that can take the average high street dress to a statement dress candidate for a Spring wedding. The dress here is from Topshop but I have been asked way too many times to count whether it is from Zimmerman, so that is what I am talking about.

Styling the floral dress

Once you have found your dress, then comes the best part, styling. I always think there are 3 ways minimum to style a dress like I am wearing. One is you wear the dress and style it with matching shoes and the bags. Then, of course, depending on the length of your dress, you can also use it as a skirt. I would quite happily put a washed out light blue denim shirt over this dress, tie it at the end and pair it with sandals for a much more casual look. Another thing you could do is wear this dress on top of a pair of jeans on a chillier day. You can also wear some trainers to go with this look and totally do a girl meets boy style look.