London Night



Celebrating the romance and sophistication in the beautiful city of London, the London Night couture ensemble is inspired by the iconic style of Princess Diana and the sensational roses of the Kensington Palace gardens. 



The London Night has long elongating culottes and a cinching waist.

The top half is about the romance in the air with a red rose sitting on the most luxurious silk panels enhancing the shape of your figure. 

This piece is made in variations of luxury Silk and Roses. Customisations can be made on the appointment.  

Perfect for days and evenings.


The Gown

All our Couture designs are one-offs. This exclusive design will be made for one customer only.

Materials: 100% Silk

Handmade in London. 

Please contact us on +44 (0)20 7608 2754 to book an appointment. 

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