Are Slogan T-Shirts here to stay

Are Slogan T-Shirts here to stay

Slogan t-shirts is an idea that was romanticised in the sixties and making a grand entrance back to 2018 making us cherish all the rock bands and power quotes. But will they stay? Can they only be worn by the music festival goers in the midst of the summer paired with a working knowledge of the rock culture today?

Well, to answer, whether they are just a passing trend, I think, for the most of us, it is more likely than not. It is quite seasonal as a trend and like many things, many slogans have a limited lifespan as we all get used to them and they become no longer funny and just part of a mundane routine. But for some people, especially the rock music fans, slogan t-shirts are a part of their identity and how they celebrate music through style, so the fashion trend may die, one may cherish a Pink Floyd t-shirt as a treasure for life.

But this doesn't mean we can't all have a good time with it while the trend lasts and I think regardless of how you describe your style, slogan t-shirts could be adaptable in various different ways. They are of course casual attire and best paired with a legendary pair of vintage Levi's Denim jeans (older the better). But you can also tuck this into a beautiful pencil skirt for that contrast of rock style meets elegant lady look.

In terms of where to buy yours this season, it will depend on how much you like the trend personally and what is the balance between casual and formal wear you have in your day-to-day lifestyle. If you are the die-hard fan of slogan t-shirts, it might be worth getting this season's champion t-shirt from Gucci (available at Net-a-Porter - listed below). However, if you are new to the trend and don't know how much you will end up wearing or like the trend, the best place to get your t-shirt is from ASOS. They are at the lower end of the price scale and there is a variety to choose from. The best picks are from ASOS's own brand and from River Island. For the mid-range, Levi's is the best selection as the price really represent the quality of the t-shirt and they are more on the classic side of the trend, meaning you can wear it long after the trend is gone.


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