5 Most Out there Blazers this season

5 Most Out there Blazers this season

How to make any boring outfit interesting? Throw on a statement blazer! It smartens you up, gives you those shoulders (for those of us spend our lives slouching at the computer desk) and it straightens you right away. You can go really smart and wear it in semi-suit style or go crazy like me and wear a grandpa like blazer in pink checked print. Either way, blazers can make or break outfits and I love and cherish statement blazers. I found the best ones form the high street or from vintage shops and the easier price tag means, we can play a lot more.

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In the designer market, it is a lot of embellishment, hand needled pearls, swarovski crystals and embroidery. Some are as expensive as jewellery but a classic one like the Balmain blazer is something that will remain timeless and chic forever.



A statement blazer from high street is usually a statement due to its colour palette, a gorgeous emerald green, a Valentino red or a mustard one for Autumn can be quite the statement you an everyday outfit.